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  • mobile structures
  • mobile structures

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  • Mobile Structures | Mobile Structures Ltd

    Mobile Structures The company is dedicated to provide tension structures and big tops, many of which are the largest in the world These structures have been used in thousands of installations around the world, at events such as music festivals, religious events and ceremonies, sports events and cultural festivals2023年10月29日Mobile architecture projects by leading international architects and designers including movable houses, buildings on wheels and boats, buses and caravansMobile architecture | Dezeen

  • Mobile Architecture | Tag | ArchDaily

    2023年5月5日Discover the latest Architecture news and projects on Mobile Architecture at ArchDaily, the world's largest architecture website Stay uptodate with articles and updates on the newest2021年1月7日A tractortrailer wheeled mobile structure (TTWMS) is a class of multiplatform mechanical systems It consists of a tractor towing a finite number of trailers, enhancing the payload capacity of singleplatform wheeled mobile structures Precise motion control of tractortrailer wheeled mobile structures

  • Mobile Architecture

    Read about various projects and worldwide architecture competitions that have created some amazing designs for mobile structures2023年10月29日This form of mobile architecture, despite existing for centuries, still influences designs in many aspects such as structures for events and exhibitions, the aftermath of natural disasters, and in extreme habitats such as10 Examples of Mobile Architecture in the world RTF

  • The deployable tectonic: mechanization and mobility in

    2022年5月25日These structures, often used for mobile shelter, are those that can collapse easily and then erected again with similar ease Like the broader category, deployable structures change form and have articulating or sliding parts Hanaor and Levy evaluates and categorizes this type of structure,2022年11月4日Superb microvascular imaging (SMI) allows the identification of small mobile structures that are more intense than the surrounding blood flow and appear larger than on real image • The entire mobile structure is strongly enhanced on SMI and shown as a hyperechoic mass •Case series of mobile structures detected vividly by

  • The Amazing Trend Of Mobile Architecture | The Design

    2023年10月28日The 15squaremeter mobile structure is created to reflect the enigmatic workshop wing of the school structure It features the same meshed glass walls and signage as the workshop wings of the Bauhaus school The name means ‘living house’, the bus was conceived to symbolize the school’s beliefs and values, its history and legacy2017年4月18日6/10 This striking houseboat, which shifts from one spot to the next along the Eilbak Canal in Hamburg, Germany, is built across two levels The aluminumcoated boat was designed to be multiuse9 Incredible Examples of Mobile Architecture | Architectural

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